Projecting Knowledge


Final Conference Projecting Knowledge: The Magic Lantern in Science Communication

Around 1900 the optical lantern had been adopted by scholars as a teaching aid in various academic disciplines as well as in outreach activities (as public illustrated lectures). Starting in 2018, Projecting Knowledge has studied academic uses and practices of knowledge dissemination with the lantern. During this two-day conference we would like to discuss and…

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25 March 2022 | Workshop Picturing Geography – Utrecht, NL (online)

Keynote by Dr Emily Hayes from Oxford Brookes University: The Geographical Scene: the magic lantern in the discourse and discipline of fin de siècle British geography Slide 31 of [The Alps] (lecture: Royal Geographical Society, at least 23 slides, 1896-1897) Lucerna Magic Lantern Web Resource,, item 5111785. Geography was one of the fields that…

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30 October 2020 | PhD Seminar Utrecht, NL (online)

This seminar was dedicated to two important organizations operating in the Dutch landscape of the lantern slide trade. Jamilla Notebaard and Dulce da Rocha Gonçalves presented: The Lichtbeelden Vereeniging, also known as Vereeniging tot het houden van voordrachten met Lichtbeelden or Lichtbeelden Instituut, active in the Netherlands between 1898 and 1957. Nico de Klerk presented:…

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31 October 2019 | Symposium Valorizing illustrated lecture practices, Teylers Museum

Symposium Valorizing illustrated lecture practices* in cooperation with Teylers Museum and B-Magic October 31, 10.30AM – 5PM Teylers Museum, Spaarne 16, 2011 CH Haarlem language: English   Between the turn of the 20th century and the 1950s, in the Netherlands and Belgium the photographically illustrated lecture was a mainstream medium. It was employed by countless…

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28 March 2019 | PhD Seminar Utrecht, NL

The seminar’s thematic section was devoted to: ‘The concept of dispositif for illustrated lecture shows’, featuring: Frank Kessler: ‘Exploring lantern dispositifs’ An overview of the concept of dispositif’s three interconnected poles— performance, text, and spectator Nico de Klerk: ‘Lantern readings, or “the speech expected of certain members of society whenever they open their mouths”’ a…

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