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Media History Digital Library

The Media History Digital Library provides a dedicated section to digitised Magic Lantern and Lantern Slide Catalogues – access is free and the website can be found here.

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Lucerna is an online resource on the magic lantern. It includes details of slide sets, slide images, readings and other texts related to slide sets, lantern hardware, people and organisations involved in lantern history, and much more. The initiative for the Lucerna project came in 2005 from Ine van Dooren and Frank Gray (University of…

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Historical Art of Projection – Beta version here. This project, still on its beta phase, comprises 3 sections (from their website): 1 – eLaterna Archive: The eLaterna Archive makes works in the historical art of projection accessible: Archive editions (AE) consist of all surviving components as digital study objects. Critical editions (CE) contain commentaries, comparative…

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The Magic Lantern Society

Website: The Magic Lantern Society organizes events and publishes material related to the magic lantern. An important resource is their Slide Readings Library, access for members only. From their website: “Formed in 1977 the Magic Lantern Society today enjoys a world-wide membership whose interests cover all forms of visual media and optical diversions right…

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Zotero Magic Lantern Research Group

You can access the group here. This group provides resources for research on magic lanterns, optical projection, pre-cinema history, the phantasmagoria, and related topics. It includes links to hundreds of relevant web pages, a library of digital books on magic lanterns, a research bibliography of scholarly articles, a direct link to back issues of The…

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