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working papers #1: art historian Willem Vogelsang by Nico de Klerk

The following text is a working paper, which means that it is predominantly a ‘reconnaissance report’ prompted by the project’s first case study, art historian Prof. Dr. Willem Vogelsang. In fact, all three researchers of the project initially focused on this case, knowing that sufficient documentation and newspaper reporting on Vogelsang was available, or at least located. This allowed us to explore the field of the photographically illustrated lecture and its contexts, which were to a greater or lesser extent unknown to the three of us. 

Besides information about Vogelsang’s public lectures (a list of which can be found in the Appendix), I also collected news reports and archival documents on Vogelsang’s publications and his many other public activities. At some point this information will be input for the usual scholarly platforms. But the following text rather reflects the efforts to chart a research area that is new to me. It deals with a number of professional contexts of Vogelsang’s work, both as an academic and as a public speaker, in order to get acquainted with various aspects of the illustrated lecture as a medium in the Netherlands during the first half of the 20th century. I therefore think that it makes more sense to present as a work in progress, not officially published yet containing sufficient information to share with an interested readership.

Dr. Nico de Klerk


This working paper can be read here.